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HTML Responsive Images Extension

This proposal adds new elements and attribute to [HTML5] to enable different sources of images based on browser and display characteristics. The proposal addresses multiple use cases such as images used in responsive web designs and different images needed for high density displays. http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html-proposals/raw-file/tip/responsive-images/responsive-images.html

Duplex – Retina Image Converter

Duplex is a very simple Macintosh application that handles batch scaling of images. The main purpose of Duplex is to provide a quick way for designers or developers to produce assets to improve the look of their existing sites on retina displays. http://moople.co.uk/duplex/

Mobify.js JavaScript for client-side adaptation

Mobify.js is a framework for client-side adaptation of any site to any device. It consists of four key parts: a JavaScript snippet that does device detection and bootstraps the adaptation. This is known as the Mobify.js tag and needs to go right after the head tag. the tag loads the Mobify.js payload file that contains… Continue reading Mobify.js JavaScript for client-side adaptation


Meny A three dimensional and space efficient menu concept. Move your mouse to the left edge of this page — or swipe in from the left edge if you’re on a touch device — to expand the menu. CSS 3D transforms are used for the transition effect and JavaScript is used to track mouse/touch movement.… Continue reading http://lab.hakim.se/meny/

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