Mobify.js JavaScript for client-side adaptation

Mobify.js is a framework for client-side adaptation of any site to any device. It consists of four key parts:

a JavaScript snippet that does device detection and bootstraps the adaptation. This is known as the Mobify.js tag and needs to go right after the head tag.
the tag loads the Mobify.js payload file that contains a series of operations that adapts the DOM constructed from the original source to an object that can be rendered with client-side templates. This final HTML produces a DOM that you see on your mobile browser.
mobify-client, which is a cross-platform command line program that runs within the Node.js runtime for creating fresh projects, building for production and deploying Mobify.js projects.
a set of modules that contain common, reusable design and code elements that serve as a showcase of building for mobile first. These modules have been tested across a wide range of devices and should significantly speed up development.

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