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  1. Google Dinosaur Game

    If you’re on the road a lot there is no doubt that you will have come across the little 8 bit dinosaur page in Google Chrome. You know, the one that comes up to tell you that you’re not longer able to access the internet because there’s a problems with the connection? This is an […]

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  2. Building with ARKit

    I’ve been having some fun with some semi client work recently and exploring the capabilities of WebAR using Apple’s ARKit. The fact that it works across the horizontal plane, meaning it needs some flat ground to attach something to, is great but it does limit the types of positions you want to get your models […]

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  3. Matt Steel – Freelancer Creative Artworker

    Meet Matt Steel. I met Matt a few years ago while he was working as a freelancer at TMP when he would come in over the Summer months and help fill the gap when the work piled on. Recently I’ve been working with Matt to help get his site, Matt Steel — Creative Artworker, up […]

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  4. Posting to medium from wordpress

    I wrote an article a while ago about my cross dressing posting on this blog. A few people clapped (thanks) but a couple of others said that they were having issues getting the plugin to work as it hasn’t been touched in two years. This article will serve simply as a test to see if […]

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  5. Cross Posting to Medium

    Remy Sharp has published a post all about how to cross-post to medium, you can read it over here. The crux of the issue was that Medium had remove their IFTTT applet and therefore there was no longer a straight foward way to do this (although the meat and potatoes of the article is how […]

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  6. Symbolic Change – Love Vs Hate

    This was an CSS experiment after reading the Five Simple Steps book, Designing the invisible. The book was talking about the different meanings that symbols can take on in different cultures.

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