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Good idea, great idea

Often when you’re on the way home from somewhere and you decide to drop in for one more drink it turns out to be a bad idea.

Other times, you bump into one of your favourite musicians of all time.

Tonight, that one more drink was an excellent idea.

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    I love visualisations of any sort, but ones that show me how to live longer have to be a favourite. What could add years to your life? Why do women live longer than men? What’s the best method of life extension? Diet and exercise? Or polygamy and pets? Let the latest data decide. — Read […]

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  2. Getting the easy stuff right

    This rang way too true for me. Robin writes about how he struggles to get the little things right and it was like reading my own report card in life. So much effort goes into the major stuff that I do, but the simple stuff I fail to do Answering an email from an inbound […]

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  3. Inktober

    Inktober is upon us again and I’m going to try and stick with it… AGAIN. I think the key to making it through the month is to never, under any circumstances, look at #inktober2019 on instagram and compare your own artwork with the artwork that everyone else is doing. There’s no quicker way to be […]

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  4. Augmented Reality at the Science Museum

    I took a couple of snaps while I was swanning around the science museum last night The great thing about this is that it only requires a phone with an internet connection and you can view it from anywhere in the world.

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    As I was saying in my last post about migrating my podcasts with simplecast, I’ve been listening to the ShopTalk Show again. Last week Dave and Chris were talking about different ways to make money on the web and one that I hadn’t heard of before was Coil is a bootstrapped approach to making […]

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  6. Migrating Simplecast

    I started a podcast quite a fee years ago to go along with the weekly web design newsletter. The big push for the podcast came when I was writing a feature piece on Responsive Design for Net Magazine and I had the opportunity to speak with a number of talented folks in the industry. I […]

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