XCOPY Saint Less

The headliner for the April NFT Boxes was XCOPY.

XCOPY is a London based Crypto Artist whose style is unique amongest a growing sameness of NFT Art (note the hundreds of punk ripoffs).

Usually, the feature artist would mint the same artwork to every NFT Box creating an edition size between 500-750 based on the previous box sales.

XCOPY decided to be a little different by minting three lots of 200 editions across the 600 April box recipients.

I quite like the style of XCOPY, and was glad to see that the rest of the artists came together to create the most themed box to date, with some artists also including the others work into their own.

You can find more of XCOPY’s work on his website.

Website: https://xcopyart.com/


    1. Hey Jim,

      This is coming a bit late and I hope you haven’t bought anything yet.

      The keys come inside the boxes once they are opened. You can buy boxes from the NFTBoxes site each month, and then they are in your wallet. You can then trade those boxes for a little while until they get locked, and then all the NFTs for that month (including the Key) is airdropped to the holder of that box.

      Once that has happened the box is unlocked, and then becomes another NFT you can sell/trade, BUT, the box is essentially useless because the NFTs have already been issued.

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