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  1. Visualising data in presentations

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    If your graphs don’t visually illustrate the percentages associated with them I literally stop listening to the point being made.

    It’s often not the speakers fault, and I don’t consciously stop listening up in my high horse, I just get so caught up in the inaccuracy that I can’t focus on what’s being said.

  2. What could really increase your life expectancy, lifespan and longevity?

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    I love visualisations of any sort, but ones that show me how to live longer have to be a favourite.

    What could add years to your life? Why do women live longer than men? What’s the best method of life extension? Diet and exercise? Or polygamy and pets? Let the latest data decide.
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  3. Quantum Tapestry

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    Beautiful Programming — Click to randomize and reset animation. Press “A” to toggle autoplay – autoplay will automatically clear and redraw the screen when it is full. Press “R” to reset the draw color to white. Press “C” to randomize the current draw color.

    This sketch was made with Processing 2 in Javascript mode.

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  4. Bridle JavaScript Charting Library

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    Bridle is a repository of charts built following the reusable chart paradigm. The library is in its infancy, and still requires a bunch of work. We decided to still use d3 to invoke the chart, so that you can integrate them in your d3 workflow as seamlessly as possible:

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  5. PWC Darwin River Dam Graphs


    Power and Water Corporation provides power, water and sewage services to the Norther Territory, Australia. One of their most popular pages on their website is the Darwin River Dam graph page.

    Unfortunately the Power and Water graphs, like a lot of the online graphs displaying data/information are only available through the use of excel and pdfs.

    There is a better way.

    The examples shown below were created by us using the creative commons highcharts graph library to illustrate to the corporate communications department at Power and Water how they could provide dynamic information to their customers across multiple devices.

    The advantages of this include

    • Dynamic display of content
    • Responsive to the device
    • Shows your company is keeping up with technology
    • Available without any downloads required

    We only built two graphs to illustrate what is possible

    and from there we are now working with Power and Water to build up the number of dynamic graphs to show water usage, power demand and overall cost of power across the Territory and Australia.

    If you’d like to find out more about what we can help you and your business with then get in touch.

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