Creating Chrome Browser Extensions

Before I get a chance to write this up properly I’ve updated my list of notes taken during the session. It is the second time I’ve seen Michael Mahemoff. You can also read his blog of the event.

google developer relations.  periodic table of elements.

Existing extensions:

awesome screenshot

control freak - update css and js on the page, apply all sites, just the domain or just the page. get the feed.

If the extension is flickering you can set the width and height.

search for chrome extension badge text to update your icon with some information.

make manifest.json

geolocation is one of the permissions that you accept upfront.

Create this for the Director of Lemons.

browser actions (on the grey bit) or page actions (on the white url bar)

omnibox extensions
add a prefix in the url bar and use the following text to do anything with the bar.  USE THIS FOR FUNNELBACK SEARCH OF DOCUMENTS ON THE FLOOR!!!  so a squiz employee would type "fb title of document" and press enter to get the information back.

contextual menus

Extension Patterns: Run in the Back Ground

 - Background Page.  All the extensions run like a background page. (background.html and you need background permissions.)  Powerful concept because you can sit there and wait for information and then alert the user through Growl for an update.  Can continue to upload in the background.  Can do SETI at home in the background.  Saweeeeeet!

github mahemoff for the control freak.



github/mahemoff/countdown ........

runs background when chrome isn't running.]

get users history for a recommendation application/engine.

difference between a extension and an app is that there's a launch in an app.  A packaged app is just a reference to a local file.

User chromium if you want to develop on the bleeding edge.

Drop Mocks = awesome app

weather bug - london vs darwin - article about writing to and reading from a file. rss feed that thang!

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