New Ways to Increase Engagement through your Facebook Page

Facebook Engagement

Build your team of superfans with

Booshaka allows you to run a leaderboard right from your Facebook page. Essentially it tells you who is working the hardest for you on Facebook. These are people or facebook fans that are talking about you the most frequently and sharing your content. As a side note, the best engagement is comments on your wall posts, followed by shares of the same post and lastly Likes of your posts.

How can I use this information?

Armed with that knowledge you can then go about rewarding these fans for all the good work they do. The rewards section is the paid version of Booshaka, however there is no reason why you couldn’t create your own rewards page on your site rather than pay for booshaka and get your fans to find out their prizes on those pages.

So what could I do?

Well for example for the Top 10 users you could give away a graded award. #1 gets 20% off your product, #2 gets 10% etc etc. If you’re not selling a product you could also offer free advice for becoming the number #1 person.

How does this help? Well the more people that are engaging with your page and talking about your brand, then more of their friends feeds that you’re going to show up in… and therefore spreading your brand our even further.

It is an expensive service, but one worth checking out if you want to take user engagement a little further.

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