Condescending Popups

In the past year I’ve been noticing more and more condescending popups being used on websites. I think the pattern of an email popup halfway through an article is evil, regardless of how well they perform (loan sharks make good money, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing). Somehow website owners have taken the annoying… Continue reading Condescending Popups

CSS Cursor

This small web app helps you to choose cursor type from the showcase for use in your application. Visit Link

Design Methods – toolkit Using the toolkit

The MediaLAB Amsterdam method card collection is a very wide range of design and research methods that can be used to get the necessary insights. The methods are divided in categories relating to the type of insights that can be gained with them. The methods can be about defining goals, knowing context, knowing the user,… Continue reading Design Methods – toolkit Using the toolkit

UX Project Checklist

If you’re running a project make sure you take a look at this checklist and make sure you follow research, plan, explore, communicate, create, feedback, delight and analyse (and then probably repeat) Visit Link


Create easier navigations through prototyping and testing. It’s free for up to 100 items, 4 levels and 10 siblings. Visit Link