Progressive Invision – Offline use

On the way home yesterday afternoon I was going through a couple of designs that had been uploaded onto Invision with the Account Manager on the project.

“On the way home” entails a 40 minute train ride for which I fortunately have access to WIFI although it is pretty patchy from time to time.

I understand that the screens took a little while to open up within Invasion as the connection was slow, however it wasn’t until once they had loaded that I really started to experience frustration with the application.

Commenting is awesome — while online

Possibly the greatest and most useful feature of Invision is the ability for teams to collaborate on their feedback for a specific design, or even a set of designs. Invasion might not have been first to market with this approach but they do it better than most.

Unfortunately the offline, or the lie-fi (when you’re “on wifi” but not really “on wifi”, user experience is somewhat shoddy.

The application will still allow you to create a comment, and you can still type in the comment you want, it will even let you “save” the comment. I’ve found that after the first one is done you can no longer add any more comments, and then a few seconds after that your original comment disappears.

It would be _much_ better if you were notified that a connection could not be made but that your comment was being stored for upload later… or even just returning you to the comment box with your typed comment in a textbook that would allow you to copy and paste into another document for later.

I appreciate the early ‘fake’ feedback that the comment is added (similar to what Facebook use) but the dealing of the user experience when that is unsuccessful is what needs a little more work.

Does anyone else find this is an issue on patchy connections?

At the end of the day…

… I still believe this is the best tool for this process on the market at the moment and I love how easy it has made the collaboration between clients and the design team… not to mention saving on the hundreds of feedback emails across 20 different threads and each person replying with 30MB worth of designs to your inbox that is rapidly running out of space… YAY Invision, but could you please look at this.

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