Those mornings.

I hate those mornings… and hate is a really strong word.

It’s the morning that one or two things go a little bit wrong and it puts you in one hell of a shitty foul mood with the world.

This morning it was the scheduled training being cancelled before I left the house, then when I did leave the house I’d forgotten to put running shoes into the car. Then on the way to the train station my coffee spilled out of my cup and all over a package I’m sending off today, and all over me. As I reached down to clean it up my elbow poked a hole through the rolled up sleeve of my shirt, and then on the train into work the internet has been patchy as shit and not let me get as much done as I would have liked.

All of that it’s only 07:55 and I’m in a foul mood.

Any recommendations on how to get out of it would be great appreciated…. at the moment it’s listening to G Love which seems to be working a little bit.

Still, at the end of the day all of those things are super first world problems because I have a job to catch a train to, I have a car to drive me to the station, an awesome wife and kids to drive me there, and I have access to the internet. The package is actually a wholesale order for a side project business and I was able to write this venting post to realise shit just isn’t that bad.

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