Download more than 500 rows from Google Analytics

I decided to put together a visualisation of all the urls that have been tested on Am I Responsive so I needed to do a bit of digging into Google Analytics.

There are two areas that track the URL’s, the Content page for when people use ?url= or press enter after adding their url, and Content – Events – Value section for when people use the Go button.

In the past 19 days there is more than 6000 lines for each report, with most of them occurring over the past 7 days. When I tried to download the data I found that you could only do so with 500 rows at a time, and while that would have been only around 28 downloads in total…. it was 28 downloads.

Downloading all of the data
After changing the display rows to 500 I noticed that there was a table.rowCount%3D500 contained in the URL. By swapping 500 with the number of rows you need you are able to get them all to display on the one page, also allowing an export of them all as well.

You should note that this will chug your browser to a grinding halt, but you’ll have the data!

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