Infinite Soul Healing

Responsive Home page with SquareSpace.

Infinite soul healing was a site built for a sole trader small business with a very limited budget. The client was looking for something light and simple, and above all a website that was easy for them to maintain and create new content. Due to the limited budget the on going hosting costs would have… Continue reading Infinite Soul Healing

Responsive Design Podcast in the UK

Two weeks ago I received an email from the British Tech Network who were looking for a guest speaker for a podcast on Responsive Design and someone suggested they get in touch with the curator of RWD Weekly. It turns out that while in London I worked with the organiser of the podcast and from there on it was all roses and raspberry cakes.

SEO and Mobile vs Responsive Web Design

At the moment I’m monitoring mentions about “Responsive Web Design” on google alerts to continue to post the relevant content on Responsive Web Designs and compile it for a new website I’m building that contains a series of resources on #RWD.

This morning I came across this article, For Mobile SEO Ask “What Do Mobile Searchers Need?”, and couldn’t help but post a comment.