Should You Keep Ideas To Yourself? by ZURB

If you don’t know who Zurb is then I highly recommend that you head over to their website and check out the Foundation 3.0.

Today they posted about sharing ideas…

Ah, the age-old question: Should you keep ideas to yourself? It’s one that many of us have grappled with at least once in our lives, so why don’t we bring it to the forefront and have an honest discussion about it?

Matthias Wagner wrote a post on this very topic – and while he brings up a lot of great points, we’re pretty sure that you have your own approach to sharing ideas.

His take:

The more you talk about an idea the less exciting it will become to yourself, because people will tell you how great it is and that will give you appreciation for something you haven’t even done yet’ and why do it if you already got all the kudos!?! If you start talking about your idea to others they will start giving you feedback’ and no matter how great the others are, the result is that your idea will average out’ you loose the pureness and rawness. Your arrow suddenly becomes a circle!

I’ve had an idea for a while now and I’ve been working on it off and on for a few months. From this article I’m going to give it one week on prototype work and then release to the world under an alpha release to get some feedback.

Will someone steal the idea and do it better? Well I’m hoping they won’t be able to provide anything better than what is there and if they do then I’m going to learn something new myself. Win win.

Below are a couple of images that I’ve sketched out that will be going into the new mystery project.



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