2020 To Do List

There are only a few days left in 2020, including the day I’m writing this. To finish this awkward year off well I’m going to give myself two final tasks. Start Wes Bos’s course Beginning Javascript (it’s too much to try and complete it inside three days). Setup VS Code Server so that I can… Continue reading 2020 To Do List

Procreate Play — @designical.art

Aside from the writing apps that I use on the iPad, I’ve been using the procreate app more than anything else. I can watch great artists producing amazing art using procreate for hours. Procreate seems to have everything that a professional artist’s needs to produce digital art, and as an added bonus it has a… Continue reading Procreate Play — @designical.art

iPad Pro

Six and half years ago I went camping with my wife and our 6 month old son. It was over the Easter weekend which turned out to be rather cold for camping, but a lot of fun none the less. Just after we set up at the camping site my wife pulled out an early… Continue reading iPad Pro