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Aside from the writing apps that I use on the iPad, I’ve been using the procreate app more than anything else.

I can watch great artists producing amazing art using procreate for hours. Procreate seems to have everything that a professional artist’s needs to produce digital art, and as an added bonus it has a lot of things that can help amateurs like myself to produce something which is a lot better than if we tried with paper and pens.

In my pocket notebook business, Back Pocket Notebooks, I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration for new cover art. In this search for inspiration I come across some truly amazing artists from around the world and on a few lucky occasions I’ve been able to work with them to produce a collaboration set like our Coffee Cup Notebooks and the 27 Club notebook set.

The place where I find most inspiration is through Instagram for many reasons

  • They have a large user based with a lot of artists
  • The discovery of new content is easier than any other platform that I’ve used
  • Instagram is a key sales channel for Back Pocket Notebooks, so the more active I can be on the platform the more referrals and sales

The other day I came across and was blown away by the art. The art comes up in two ways on this account, first as an image of the final piece of art and then as a set of video snippets unveiling how the piece was created.

This is invaluable for me, because it gives me inspiration as to what I want to draw, and then provides me with a rough guide as to how I might be able to recreate it using Procreate App.

Here is an example of what is produced

This image was very much inspired/stolen and reproduced from this original

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