Adding a recruitment message into Corporate content

Last week while I was reading about the implementation of Dark Mode onto the Guardian’s website (because that is genuinely how I spend my time) and I noticed this little “quick guide” that appeared within the article.

The Guardian has realised that writing this kind of content will attract people like me, and people like me like to work in digital teams that are doing exciting things (yes, this would be considered exciting), and while the Guardian wouldn’t want me specifically, they are also looking for people like me.

Good content marketing!

Between two paragraphs is the quick guide on how to join The Guardian Digital Team, and when you open it you get a link to see the available jobs and a quick overview of the interview process.  Perfect.  I’ve now gone from enjoying an article about things that I love to do, to being presented with the steps I need to take to do that for a living.

This is a great example of both

  1. How to take advantage of other corporate content to get a recruitment message in; and
  2. The power of producing good quality industry-specific content that will attract like-minded individuals

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