The iPads have it

This is an amazing set of statistics that Luke Wrobleski has revealed after this years Apple developers conference.

It’s not surprising that Apple’s iPad is a popular computing device. But the numbers behind it’s growth are sure to raise a few eyebrows.

In 2 years, Apple sold 67 million iPads. It took the company 24 years to sell that many Macs, 5 years for that many iPods, and over 3 years for that many iPhones. (source)
Sales of Apple’s iPad pulled in 30% more than all of Dell’s consumer PC business in just the first half of 2011. (source)
A little over a year after the iPad launched, it passed Apple’s 27-year-old Mac business in revenue. (source) (source)
Apple sold 3 million new iPads in less than four days of availability. It took 28 days to move the first million iPads. (source)
Demand for the reduced cost second generation iPad is almost equal to demand for the new iPad at full price. According to Apple the new iPad is being sold as fast as it can be made. (source)
In October 2011, the iPad accounted for 95.5% of all tablet web traffic in the US according to ComScore. (source)
In 2012, the iPad accounted for 94.64% of all global tablet based Web traffic according to Chitika’s network study. (source)
In November 2011, the iPad accounted for 88% of all global tablet web traffic based on StatCounter data. (source)

See the original article for further details.

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