ManageWP: 5 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Not Worth It

The guys over at ManageWP have released an article on 5 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Not Worth It .

What a load of shit rubbish.

The caveat

Thankfully this wasn’t an entirely one sided article with this quote, however it wasn’t all that far off it was it.

I am about to explain why I think responsive design is not worth it under many circumstances. I am a fan of responsive (or alternative) design in certain situations – for example, when dealing with a web application whose desktop design could not practically be contained within a mobile device’s screen. Google Maps is an excellent example of this.

Further on into to the article we get to this doozy of a statement

One might argue that responsive design is a damn sight cheaper than building a separate mobile site from the ground up, and I would agree. But do you know what is even cheaper than responsive design? Non-responsive design.

Really? REALLY?

You whats even cheaper than Non-responsive design? No Design at all.

That’s right, just slap up your HTML and leave off the CSS for a truely cost saving experience.

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