Infinite Soul Healing

Infinite Soul Healing Home Page
Responsive Home page with SquareSpace.

Infinite soul healing was a site built for a sole trader small business with a very limited budget.

The client was looking for something light and simple, and above all a website that was easy for them to maintain and create new content. Due to the limited budget the on going hosting costs would have meant that we would we not be able to build the site responsively, and due to the very tight timeframe for the project we decided that a cloud hosted solution was the preferred approach.

Squarespace 6

We decided to use Square Space as the CMS for the project. This is the second time that we’ve used the product and we’re very happy with the feature set and the ability to get the client up and running quickly.

Click below to try out Square Space for yourself.


The client was keen to show off their studio so we made it the cover background and feature image. The colours we’re chosen from the colour palate which had been part of their print and sign branding.

Infinite Soul Healing Services Page

On the smaller screens (pad and smart phone) the background image is removed on the inner pages to ensure the content is the main focus, while it still remains a central part of the home page look.


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