Surf the Dream A discourse of links and articles from Justin Avery

Surfer Magazine is a wordpress based magazine site that has now been running since 2008. It features news and reviews about everything and anything that happens in the World of Surfing.


Website Features

Since the inception we have developed the initial theme to inclue Full Page Live Streaming, Online Stores, Adsense and Affiliate Advertising.

We created a Category and Tag based Taxonomy to improve the related content options as well as improve the SEO Performance in a saturated market.

We ran Facebook and Google Adwords advertising campaigns to improve the user subscription numbers and reviewed the success of the campaigns through integrated Google Analytics.

The site took on live steaming of ASP Surf Competitions and we wanted to see the affect that had on user interactions in real time. We used GoSquared to monitor this and used the results to improve on the Twitter and Facebook conversations .

As a global site the performance (site load time) was a concern. We set up a Content Distribution Network (CDN) with Amazone S3 Services so that all file assets (images, CSS, Javascript) were downloaded from a local source. We also worked on a caching strategy to ensure browser caching was fullly untiliise without affecting the currency of the articles.

Surf the Dream is a blog that has been running since the mid 2000's when it started on BlogSpot. Over the years it's been rebranded as (now my resume) and (which now redirects back to this site).

I offer consultation services through Simple Things, produce a range of high quality pocket notebooks(including a Solar System Notebook, Space Notebook, and a Guitar Notebook), write about the Universe and run a responsive web design knowledge hub and a RWD Weekly Newsletter.