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Retrofitting Responsive Design Bookmarklet

From 23:30 last night until 07:30 this morning I took part in the Responsive Web Design Summit hosted by Environments for Humans. It was a great online conference and although a VERY long night I took away some valuable lessons that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

Ben Callahan was one of the stand out speakers and showed us this cool little boomarklet he has put together

  1. Go here and install bookmarklet
  2. Go to
  3. Resize browser very narrow and click bookmarklet

A little tweak

It’s only working in webkit browsers at the moment.

I thought that it was due to some cross domain requests (the above bookmarklet loads some javascript into the page, and then that bit of javascript loads the CSS into the head) so I thought I could fix that with this bookmarklet with injects the CSS directly into the head. Retrofit. Didn’t work and I’d love to know why.

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