Hootsuite partner image loading problem

Hoot Suite Media Dashboard
Hoot Suite Media Dashboard

I really like hootsuite.

It gives you an easy way to manage your social media channels in a single location. I use it for my clients and I use it for my online channels for Javery Design as well as the many side projects I have going. I like it so much that I even joined up as a partner and advertise them in the side bar.

Unfortunately this has caused my site to load slowly because the image that is provided through the program never actually loads. This has only been happening over the past few months but has taken me until now to spend some time to identify the issue (the old mechanic and his own car story).

The quick fix was to upload my own image and serve that, which is what I did, but I shouldn’t have to do that. For a such a good product it seems a shame to fall down when they’re trying to market themselves.

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