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Katie Leamon Design

Katie Leamon Design

Katie is a young and fast rising star based in London. Katie understood that to make it in such a difficult environment she needed to take full advantage of the online tools available to her.

Katie Leamon Design was originally developed in Joomla by a design agency in London, however she found it difficult an clunky to use.

We took the existing design and improved many of the areas. We replaced images with text where appropriate, added the social elements of Twitter and Facebook, and improved the typography and visual hierarchy through out the site.

We also migrated the site across from Joomla to WordPress allowing the client to use their existing skills to keep the site up-to-date and content rich.

We used an existing WordPress Framework and made the appropriate customisations to allow multiple use of posts across different content requirements.

Surf the Dream is a blog that has been running since the mid 2000's when it started on BlogSpot. Over the years it's been rebranded as (now my resume) and (which now redirects back to this site).

I offer consultation services through Simple Things, produce a range of high quality pocket notebooks(including a Solar System Notebook, Space Notebook, and a Guitar Notebook), write about the Universe and run a responsive web design knowledge hub and a RWD Weekly Newsletter.