Paul William Jewellery

Paul William Jewellery Designs
Paul William Jewellery Designs

Paul came to us with a very basic requirement.

“I need a website”

We talked about all the things that would eventually contain on the site, however at the beginning we only had enough content for a few pages.

We decided that we would take single page business card approach and came up with this design.

CSS3 was used to enable border radius (rounded corners) and give a slight box shadow to the card, and HTML5 was used to include the tag for mobile devices.

Microformats, in particular the vcard, was used to take advantage of Google Rich Snippets. This essentially allows the internet to understand the semantics of the page content, which I discussed during one of my Darwin Web Standards talks.

The next steps with Paul will be to discuss improving the content on the site, identifying a good Information Architecture and take the next steps in the Web Design process.

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