CSS-Only Sticky Headers for Tables, Using ‘position: sticky’

What’s neat about this is that you get the effect of the static table headers by introducing a few lines of css. No jQuery, no weird css that breaks the semantic intent of the content, and no javascript handlers built off scroll events. It’s not ready for prime time just yet, but it’s worth keeping… Continue reading CSS-Only Sticky Headers for Tables, Using ‘position: sticky’

Off Canvas

Inspired by the observations of Luke Wroblewski, this Off Canvas layout demo has 3 panels that display differently depending on the viewport width. The idea here is to have the two supporting panels of navigation and sidebar content hidden just off-screen to the left and right for easy access on small/medium viewports. Off Canvas is… Continue reading Off Canvas


Baseline.js Baseline.js is a simple jQuery plugin for restoring baselines thrown off by odd image sizes. Simply call the plugin like so, passing the height of your baseline as a variable. It even works on responsive designs! https://github.com/daneden/Baseline.js

Responsive Web Design Patterns | This Is Responsive

With a twang of jealously because I may or may not be 80% through something extremely simliar, you should definitely check out Brad Frosts examples page. There are working examples of layouts, navigation, images, media, forms and modules. If there’s one thing you click on for this newsletter this should be it http://bradfrost.github.com/this-is-responsive/patterns.html