Anything Man

For a few years I’ve been sending emails to one of my favourite comedy groups, Tripod, asking them if/when they’ll make all of their song in an hour challenges available. For those of you that weren’t listening to Triple J back in the late 90’s and early 00’s might have missed it, but this is… Continue reading Anything Man

Josh Wyatt Live Session

As part of my 40th birthday celebrations, Laura organised Josh, one of my favourite performers, to play a set online during a birthday Zoom call.

Good idea, great idea

Often when you’re on the way home from somewhere and you decide to drop in for one more drink it turns out to be a bad idea. Other times, you bump into one of your favourite musicians of all time. Tonight, that one more drink was an excellent idea.

Thru you

I spent about 30 minutes a couple weeks ago looking for this. ThruYou is a mashup of different You Tube videos put together to make 6 or 7 songs, all very good. My faourite is “The Mother of all Funk Chords”, but they’re all pretty amazing. Check out the YouTube Video below (the site requires… Continue reading Thru you

Songs are funny like that

Songs can have an amazing effect on people in a number of different ways. Over the past few months I’ve found that there are some key songs that take me back in history to my younger days, and the time that I enjoyed spending with friends who have since departed. In particular they remind me… Continue reading Songs are funny like that