The Tmp recce.

The base

  • Patchy 3G connection

4×4 course

  • 3G coverage about 50%
  • Able to stream live to instagram
  • Possibly not the most exciting start
  • Possible drone footage

The lake

  • great 3G connection
  • Access to FTP for updates.
  • Good stream to instagram
  • Live stream worked well


  • Wonderful location
  • Zero signal, no chance of live streaming.
  • Potentially record ahead of time, edit, and stream “live”.
  • Left at 9:43

Waterfall jump

  • arrived 10:35
  • Good 3G signal
  • Leave 10:47
  • 2.4mbs top of bridge
  • 1.4mbps waters edge
  • Get a 50m cable to run from the bridge

The island camp

  • Patchy two bar E signal
  • 11:24 arrive

Overnight camp

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