New Mac Book Pro

Today I had my work machine upgraded from a Dell laptop to the MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) running Mojave 10.14.5 with the touch bar.

I have heard a lot of bad things about this laptop when compared against the current personal laptop I have, and late 2013 Mac Book Pro.

So far I kind of like it. The fingerprint is really helpful for logging into the network without having to crunch out a password, and the screen and speed of everything is wicked fast (even using Microsoft Office Products).

I haven’t tested it with large Photoshop or Indesign files or Premiere Pro files, but I can only assume it will handle them pretty well (this is running 16gb of RAM like my personal laptop).

The touch bar seems cool, but the fact that it has “Search or enter address” as the primary function when in a browser seems stupid to me. I think it will become more valuable when I’m using Adobe products but we’ll see.

The thing that I’ve found the hardest to get used to is the track pad which I find a bit less responsive than the 2013 version. I’m also trying to get used to the keyboard. I kind of like typing on it because it’s different which means I’m keen to do more writing, but on the other hand it feels weird and I’m finding that I’m making WAY more mistakes while I’m typing because I’m not used to the physcial feedback I get when I press the keys…. although I’m sure that is only going to get better the more I use it.

For now, I’m pretty happy…. oh wait. I also don’t have any connectors at all, which means I can charge the laptop but that’s it. No extra monitor or wired things connect for a while.

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