Masks and Face ID on the iPhone

This article from WiredUK is claiming that the

Although the company has made changes to the system so that your iPhone will now prompt you to enter your passcode if it detects you’re wearing a mask, tasks such as unlocking your smartphone and paying for your shopping using Apple Wallet have become frustrating. The other option is to pull your mask down every time you need to use your phone, but that’s neither hygienic nor practical

As someone who now rarely takes their wallet out with them because I can cover most transactions with the phone in my pocket or the watch on my wrist I can say that the frustration is non-existent.

I’ve already got the phone out and before paying I need to add a 4-6 digit pin code in (which is required every time you restart your iPhone anyway). This 2 seconds of additional effort is not worth pulling down my mask (listed above as one of the alternatives) which is going to take even longer than just keying in your code.

The remainder of the article is interesting in the approach of how you could get this technology to work along with masks, and the issues that this is causing around national security and border control…. let’s just be sensible about keying in a pin.

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