Getting started with NFTX index funds

NFTX, a community-owned protocol for NFT index funds on Ethereum.

It can be a daunting process when you’re looking to extend outside of simple apps like Coinbase and begin to look at buying Crypto through other areas.

QuickStart guide to buying NFTX

Follow these steps to get up and running with NFTX.

  1. Download and create a MetaMask account
  2. Buy/transfer some $ETH into your MetaMask account
  3. Visit
  4. Connect your MetaMask account (top right corner)
  5. Select “Fill” call to action for ETH on the bounties tab

Here are another couple of common questions I’ve come across.

Where did you hear about the NFTX project, and where can I find out about new ones??

I came across the NFTX following a guy on TicTok with the username @virtualbacon (the screenshot below also links you to his account)

Picture of a guy on tictok explaining about NFTX.

I’m not saying you should take financial advice from people on TicTok, nor should you take it from me either, but that’s where I heard about it and I’m confident he knows what he’s talking about and not a scammer.

The same question has been posted on the Discord Channel (which I highly recommend signing up for to get a tonne of great advice and help from the community).

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