Time Stripe

So this is pretty much the most depressing thing that I’ve come across this year (we’re only 5 days in mind you). TimeStripe takes a look at how long you’ve lived and how much time you’ve got left (assuming you live until 80). While I hope for quite a few years past my 80th birthday,… Continue reading Time Stripe

Visualising Value

I came across this twitter account while going down a rabbit hole of linked tweets at 1am this morning. The images are super simple but do a great job of supporting the content that go along with them, here are some examples below. Constraint increases creativity This is something that I tend to hear from… Continue reading Visualising Value

Polaroid Notebook Cover

I would love to do a series of notebook covers that contain the history of Polaroid Cameras. Portfolio of vector illustrator Peter Greenwood, he specialises in bold, colourful vector illustration for advertising campaigns. — Read on folioart.co.uk/illustrator/peter-greenwood/

Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog

One of the great things about WordPress is the easy nature in which you can have multiple contributors, or authors, working on a single site. Each author has their own archive page and a list of all the articles that they’ve written in the past. It’s something that comes default with WordPress and it’s one… Continue reading Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog