Post content on your own platform first

It’s really tempting to create your empire upon the platforms where the most people hang out. Tools like Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, LinkedIn, YouTube etc have amazing apps that allow you to quickly and easily contribute to conversations. They also provide a much larger potential audience base for you to connect with too. The key for… Continue reading Post content on your own platform first

Time Stripe

So this is pretty much the most depressing thing that I’ve come across this year (we’re only 5 days in mind you). TimeStripe takes a look at how long you’ve lived and how much time you’ve got left (assuming you live until 80). While I hope for quite a few years past my 80th birthday,… Continue reading Time Stripe

Visualising Value

I came across this twitter account while going down a rabbit hole of linked tweets at 1am this morning. The images are super simple but do a great job of supporting the content that go along with them, here are some examples below. Constraint increases creativity This is something that I tend to hear from… Continue reading Visualising Value

Polaroid Notebook Cover

I would love to do a series of notebook covers that contain the history of Polaroid Cameras. Portfolio of vector illustrator Peter Greenwood, he specialises in bold, colourful vector illustration for advertising campaigns. — Read on

Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog

One of the great things about WordPress is the easy nature in which you can have multiple contributors, or authors, working on a single site. Each author has their own archive page and a list of all the articles that they’ve written in the past. It’s something that comes default with WordPress and it’s one… Continue reading Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog