Post content on your own platform first

It’s really tempting to create your empire upon the platforms where the most people hang out.

Tools like Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, LinkedIn, YouTube etc have amazing apps that allow you to quickly and easily contribute to conversations. They also provide a much larger potential audience base for you to connect with too.

The key for long term success though is to post on your own platform first.

Get a website or a blog (I’m not talking about signing up to Medium either, something you’re in control of), and make that the first place you post your image or thoughts.

Then, head over to the other platform and post the same content again but include a link back to the original post. Not only to you still get to reach those massive audiences, but you’re giving them an opportunity to come back to your site to further engage with you, which in turn will help your site stand out in a crowded search results page on Google.

The other important thing is that you’re in complete control over what you post on your site, but on the other platforms they have the right to remove all your content, ban you, or the platform might close completely losing all your previous content.

Own your content. Post at home first.

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