NFT Generative Planets

I have a plan.

I’m keen to use the data from the NASA Habex (Habitable Exoplanet Observatory) to group planets that are considered to be in the habitable zone (or sometimes referred to as the Goldilocks zone, not to cold, not too hot).

The data from these discoveries could then be visualised in a 3d spherical object with the different properties acting as levers.

  • Mass
  • Size
  • Density
  • Distance from Star
  • Size of Star
  • Type of Star
  • Type of planet
  • Make up of planet
  • Distance from Earth
  • etc etc etc

With the data I’d like to combine the work that Eleanor did with asteroids along with Avinayak’s work on Noise Planets.

Granted, it’s not a very good plan at the moment and I have almost zero skills needed, but it’s going to be fun. After all, I knew nothing about publishing/stationery but I still managed to create a set of Solar System Notebooks which have Augmented Reality planets.


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