Opening NBA TopShot Pack

I’ve been extending my interest in NFT’s and digital collectables and it’s taken me over to NBA Top Shot.

As a 10 year old I used to love collecting cricket cards and keeping them in a folder, I even remember unwrapping a Shane Warne hatrick special edition card that was worth $300 (and is now somewhere in my Mum’s cupboard back in Australia).

Although I’m not all that fussed about Basketball, I did was to see what it was like to interact on a platform that has digital cards, or moments as they refer to them in NBA Top Shots.

NBA Top Shot overview

  1. Moments are like trading cards, but instead of a static picture on paper it’s a video on the web.
  2. Each moment is produced a certain number of times (250, 1000, 5000, 10000 etc). The less produced, the more valuable the moment.
  3. Each moment has a serial number. The lower the series number, the more valuable the card (although sometimes a particular number will cause the market to pay more, for example, it seems that if you have the serial number that matches the player’s jersey number people pay more for it)
  4. You can sell you moments on the marketplace by putting an offer on your card.
  5. You can buy moments by searching on the market place and paying what someone is willing to sell it for.
  6. You can also buy packs, which gives you an unknow set of cards (you know the number of cards, just not what you’re getting).

The below video is a run through of me opening a pack, and then a quick look at how you can check the value of your particular moment and what it might be worth.

Unfortunately I recorded this with headphones on and it didn’t pick up the computer sound, but imagine really exciting music as I open the cards :)

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