2020 To Do List

There are only a few days left in 2020, including the day I’m writing this. To finish this awkward year off well I’m going to give myself two final tasks. Start Wes Bos’s course Beginning Javascript (it’s too much to try and complete it inside three days). Setup VS Code Server so that I can… Continue reading 2020 To Do List

Apple Fitness

Since lockdown came in I’ve been missing a 40 minute walk to and from work in London, and as a result I’ve been packing on the kilos (probably also has to do with a poor diet and too much beer). I’ve signed up to Apple fitness on a one month trial in the hope it… Continue reading Apple Fitness

100% Cotton, almost

Winter solstice and queue the panicked Christmas shopping process. Fortunately I was a little more prepared for Christmas this year and got everything sorted before now, but I was on a site looking at some new trousers to wear in the new year. I had to giggle to myself when I found a pair of… Continue reading 100% Cotton, almost

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Greasy cafe breakfast

The very first breakfast I ate in the UK was with Roland at a greasy cafe in Colliers Wood, London. The price has gone up over the years from £5 to £8 now, but the quality (or lack there of it) certainly hasn’t changed… but I still love it.

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Visualising Value

I came across this twitter account while going down a rabbit hole of linked tweets at 1am this morning. The images are super simple but do a great job of supporting the content that go along with them, here are some examples below. Constraint increases creativity This is something that I tend to hear from… Continue reading Visualising Value

Mouth Blogging

It’s been awhile since I tried to do a mouth blog. I talked about it awhile ago in one of the posts about how to use your phone to take dictation so that you can write a blog post just while you talk. When I tried it out last time I found it really hard… Continue reading Mouth Blogging