The Reinitialization Of Sei

This lovely NFT came through as part of the NFTBoxes project that is lead by the infamous Pranksy. The artist for this piece is Orabelart who has an impressive portfolio of work over the past few years (which is exactly why she landed as an artist within the NFTBoxes).

NFT Generative Planets

I have a plan. I’m keen to use the data from the NASA Habex (Habitable Exoplanet Observatory) to group planets that are considered to be in the habitable zone (or sometimes referred to as the Goldilocks zone, not to cold, not too hot). The data from these discoveries could then be visualised in a 3d… Continue reading NFT Generative Planets

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First piece of digital art — Some places of interest @wblut

I just successfully purchased my first piece of digital art. It was by Frederik Vanhoutte who I’ve been following on Instagram and Twitter for a while. I first came across his work while looking for generative artists using pencil and notebooks for back pocket notebooks, like this post. The whole concept of digital art and… Continue reading First piece of digital art — Some places of interest @wblut

Post content on your own platform first

It’s really tempting to create your empire upon the platforms where the most people hang out. Tools like Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, LinkedIn, YouTube etc have amazing apps that allow you to quickly and easily contribute to conversations. They also provide a much larger potential audience base for you to connect with too. The key for… Continue reading Post content on your own platform first

Anything Man

For a few years I’ve been sending emails to one of my favourite comedy groups, Tripod, asking them if/when they’ll make all of their song in an hour challenges available. For those of you that weren’t listening to Triple J back in the late 90’s and early 00’s might have missed it, but this is… Continue reading Anything Man