Avastar NFT Project Sold Out!

One of my favourite NFT projects and also one of my first three ever NFT purchases has just sold out after minting for a year.

The collection is made up from five different series, 1—5 with series 5 which has just finished minting.

In total there 25,000 Avastars across the series, with each series offering different traits that make up the Avastar NFT.

  • Common Traits – these change each series, so if you missed getting one of these traits in series 1 you can’t get them in series 2.
  • Uncommon Traits — these last across two series. So series 1-2, 3-4, and then series 5.
  • Rare Traits — keeping with the same theme, these last series 1—3 and then were updated for series 4—5.
  • Epic Traits — ran from series 1—4, then new Epics for series 5.
  • Legendary Traints — stayed the same throughout the entire 5 series.

These are the ones that I ended up with….

Avastar #4695 was the first PFP NFT I bought and shall never be sold.

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