Fusion – Hideki Tsukamoto

One of my favourite NFTs in my growing collection is the Singularity by Hideki Tasukamoto through the ArtBlocks Curated project.

I bought my first Singularity for around 0.49ETH not long after I dipped my toe into the scene, and then a few months later I minted it into the NFTX Singularity Vault and pulled out a much better/rarer version.

A few minutes ago I saw another twitter post from Hideki Tsukamoto annoucing the next piece on ArtBlocks called Fusion.

Aside from a wonderful piece of art for the wall or digital television, these pieces (at least a lot of the ArtBlock projects and especially the Singularity project) have managed to hold their value despite more and more projects coming out every day.

I, for one, can not wait for this drop and hope to pick up at least two so that they can flank my Singularity piece on the wall.

Singularity, owned my me :)

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