Are you monitoring your website with Google Analytics?

Last week i received an email from a friend of mine telling me that they were opening a new business and needed a website.

A few years ago a website was an after thought yet today things have changed. These days getting a website ready is what you do before you open for buiness.

Once the website is set too often it is never thought of or reviewed again. That’s like planting a tree in the backyard and never going back to check to see if it’s growing. Does it need more water, less sun, some fertiliser?

Websites are created to achieve particular actions/goals. What you need is a way monitor and track those goals to ensure that, just like an employee, your website is doing what it’s been paid to do.

If you currently have a website can you answer the following:

  • How many people visit your site each week?
  • What is the ratio of new vs. returning visitors?
  • How do your visitors find your website?
  • What is the most popular page on your site?
  • What is your worse performing page on your site?
  • At what point do your customer abandon the buying process?

The answers to those questions provide valuable insights into understanding if your website is doing its job and are available through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free product that tracks every action and event on your website. It provides information about your visitors including Location (City/Country), search terms used to find your page, time spent on your site, how the clicked through your site, plus much more. It also provides real-time/live tracking too.

To get started all you need to do is sign up for a free account at Follow the simple setup steps, add the tracking code to your website to start measuring your site today.

This only just scratches the surface of how Google Analytics can provide help your business so signup and get tracking.

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