#fbwebinar Facebook Timeline Webinar with Amy Porterfield

The things that I do for the love of the web.

With all the new changes to the Facebook Page Timeline Amy Porterfield decided to run a webinar to discuss the elements that have changed and how you can use these changes to benefit your business or your clients business.

So sit back and enjoy how this webinar unfolded. (Keep refreshing to find out more).

Amy introduces and asks us to tweet using #fbwebinar

The webinar is being recorded, it will be distributed in 24 hours and you can download the slides afterwards as well.

Today we will learn…..

  • Overview of the Changes
  • Details – Timeline, Apps, Admin, Insights
  • Mindset Shift: From likes to leads
  • Smart Strategies to benefit from the changes
  • Engagement Tips to Exapand on the Conversation
  • Tools and Services to Support your strategies

 It’s no longer about the number of likes

Details – Timeline, Apps, Admin, Insights

Timeline Cover Photo

  • Specs for cover image: 851 x 315 pixels
  • Specs for profile image: 180 x 180 pixels

Restrictions for timeline cover

  • No price or purchase information
  • No web address, email, information
  • No referencing of Share or Like features
  • No calls to action
  • No promotions, coupons, ads
  • Not primarily text base, or infringe on copyright
We will look at pushing the boundaries of the last 2.

Strategies for timeline cover image

  • Social Fresh is doing some great stuff. Nice image, clean and simple.
  • Captain Morgan USA: Expand your brand, create the promotion. Check the bottle in the profile image.
  • Amy Porterfield: (there is no way this should be allowed). Amy stayed away from arrows or any call to action text. There is an image there, but this is pushing the limits (beyond in my opinion).
  • Amy used the cover image to relate to one of the Facebook Page Apps
  • Spark Curiosity: Beautiful use of imagery
  • Dove:  Highlight your  Audience
  • Chevrolet Colt:  Highlight Unique Features
  • Amy Porterfield:  Personal Branding.  Use your name, pic and explain what you do.
  • Ad Age:  Spotlight your content.  Use some of your content in your cover image.
We think that Facebook are looking for you to change this frequently to keep your page fresh.

 Custom Apps

  • TAbs are now called Apps
  • Specs: 810px wide (don’t put your hold site there, but you COULD)
  • Reveal tab/Like gating functions still work (if you like it you can present different content)

Thumbnail for Apps

Amy shows how you can pull through blog posts into your tab.  At the end of these pages you should always include a call to action to sign up (or something else).

Amy looks at Molly Cools page app to show how you can include Facebook Comments at the bottom of the custom tabs.  This allows you to draw traffic directly to these apps.

  • Specs for Thumbnail – 111 x 74 px
  • No thumbnails for facebook apps
  • You can have up to 12, they can be moved around

Strategies for thumbnails

  • Create a reason to click on the thumbnail
  • Get strategic with the 3 apps above the fold
  • Rename the app itself in terms of action
You could show you likes, but it’s not advised because you can get better use out of something else.
Amy shows her tabs to show….
  • be clear and use words not images in your thumbnails
  • change the name of your app so it is a clear CTA (Sign Up! Watch! Enroll Now!

Great example of a school that uses thumbnails to promote the school and provide additional content.

If you want to change the order of the thumbnail/apps you can click on the little pencil (hover over the app) and then choose where to move it.

To update the thumbnail, hoever on the app, click on the pencil, select edit settings, Change the Custom Tab name, click on Change for the Custom Tag image, upload the thumbnail and you are away…..

No default landing tab

  • No longer set a default welcome tab
  • You can use the unique URL directly to the custom app to drive traffic

Supercharge your traffic with Facebook Ads

Lack of the default tab makes it harder to get users to your best FB pages.  Facebook ads allows you to now drive this traffic (and Facebook makes a tidy profit).  Amy shows an example on how to run an ad to point customers towards the latest blog post that she showed us before.

If you’re running ads for your current customers (current likes) then direct them to your custom apps to keep them in Facebook.

Amy runs through setting up the Facebook Ad using internal pages.

Use the new features to ramp up  your engagement

  • First impressions really matter
  • More eye catching images
  • Use videos – create short videos to build trust and authority
  • Ask fun interesting questions
  • Don’t post and ditch, make sure you stick around

There are some new changes to how fans contribute to your pages.  On the right of the page shows the most recent comments but you can click on See All to view them all.

The new Admin Panel is on the top right, this is where you can get more out of the changes.

You can see the New Likes.  Each day go in and choose some people to click through to their pages and make a comment on something on their page.  Don’t say “thanks for liking”, but try and connect/engage with them.

New Messaging Features

  •  Users intiate messages, admins can not start them
  • non fans can send messages to page admins

Go to Admin – Manage – Edit Page – Manage Permissions – here you can switch the messages on and off (see the last option)

Highlighted Posts

Highlighting posts (click on the star in the upper right corner of the post) will extend the post across the full width of the timeline.  Do this as a strategy for your most important posts.  Check out Social Identities for more information on how to work this. (I think this is a bad example because he’s “hightlighted” a post to drive traffic to the top apps, but as we know it can’t be pinned to the top)

Pinned Posts

Pinned posts allow you to feature your most import content.  It stays at the top for 7 days.  You can actually TARGET LOCATIONS when you pin a post…. for example you might want to Pin something for your Australia fans only.

Larger Story Layouts

This is the ability to use images to be more visually appealing to your Fans or potential likes.


  • Add milstones to showcase what happened in your past
  • Link to the product/antoher page from the milestones
  • Include Large beautiful imagery
  • Milestones stretch full with

About Section

  • Varies by category
  • Keep it around 165 characters
  • If you’re a local business the about is default.  You can show hide things but only from the about section (remove phone number to get your web address)
  • ALWAYS include a link within the About Page
  • Use it as a CTA, change it up often because it is prime realestate

Admin Panel

  • Admin – Manage – Activity Log – mouse over the right corner to highlight posts from fans.
  •  Insights – click on see all to find everything
  • If you go to any facebook page, go to the like app and you can see their insights.  Great way to gauge how you are going against your competition.

5 Quick Timeline Strategies

  • Create calls to action with your thumbnails
  • Be strategic with the 3 apps across the top
  • Quality interactions vs more likes
  • Make your timeline visually appealing (while invoking real action)
  • Use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your apps

Special Guest Time

Nathan from Lujure is on to market his service. (Lujure looks clunky, looks good, but clunky).

Go to www.timlineapp.co and the first 20 people will get timeline app builder will get Amy Porterfield review the app/page and send you a video.

The webinar just went sales based.  It was like a 15 minute infomercial for Lujure.  Really just not needed.


  1. This tip is strange: You can see the New Liks. Each day go in and choose some people to click through to their pages and make a comment on something on their page. Don’t say “thanks for liking”, but try and connect/engage with them.

    As a Page, you can’t comment on individual profiles, can you?

    1. Right you are Elizabeth (and thanks for pointing out the Liks typo).

      You’re not able to comment on individual profiles as a page, but I think what Amy was referring to was to take a look at your new likes and visit their page rather than their profile.

      A bit strange seeing as not everyone has pages, and it is difficult (not possible) to work out who runs a page or which pages someone runs based on their profile.

      So the tip would still be to get out and find Pages with similar interests/followers to your own and contribute to their conversation. You’re sure to see some back traffic and extra likes that way.

      Cheers for the comment!

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