Easing to fitness

I find it really hard sticking to a regular fitness regime. There are times when I go ALL in on it and exercise twice a day, eat really well, cut out alcohol…. but these “sprints” only last for a week or two before hibernating for the next 10-12 months.

After years of Laura telling me to just do things once a week I’m going to take up her wise words and put it into action.

On the weekend I get Noah to jump into his bike and he rides down the Phoenix Trail with me running beside him. Aside from being able to spend some quality time with him (there’s never a question-less moment for a four year old) he likes to stop ever 500m or so to look at something in the trail.

While that makes my stats look incredibly slow and gets in the way of any rhythm, it means it’s an easier run and I’m more likely to do it.

The plan is to keep this up along with an early morning gym session on Tuesdays and somehow drag my body weight back from 90 to mid to low 80s (meaning 85 really). We’ll see!

Noah and I posing after a runNoah and I posing after a run

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