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  1. Getting back to podcasting

    You should be very aware that I love a great weekly newsletter. One of my recent favourite newsletters to receive is Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches where Paul imparts a very useful piece of nerdy knowledge each week. The content is around 95% educational and allows you to learn a lot about the web and how […]

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  2. Is CriticalCSS harming our site performance?

    In a recent article on Medium, JP DeVries wrote about “Unfolding Critical CSS“. Are you building a single web page that users will visit once never to return to or are you building a multi–page website that most users click around on for a while? If you inline an average of ~20kB of critical CSS […]

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  3. My local wordpress MAMP site slow

    While I was on the train ride home today I was writing an article on my local copy of wordpress when I thought to myself “This is actually slower then working with the patchy wifi and GPRS”. The best thing about running your site locally is that you do not require an internet connection to […]

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  4. Accessibility Dashboard – Pa11y Dashboard

    Today I came across a wonderful article by Una Kravitz, a UI Engineer over at Digital Ocean, about how to set up an accessibility dashboard for your site/s in just 15 minutes. Usually these kinds of articles say “it’s easy! All you need to do is after you set up NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Node, Ruby, […]

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  5. XKCD Garden

    This is a strange XKCD, but also a little bit of fun. The page loads blank with the ability to add up to three grow lights. You can position them on the screen, change the angle of the light, change the light focus (wider and lighter or narrow and brighter). Apparently you can also change […]

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  6. wp-admin redirect loop on https

    Running your website on HTTPS has many benefits which doesn’t stop at being safer, it also allows you to run on http2/SPDY and offers things like Service Workers. I use CloudFlare and their Flexible SSL to secure most of my sites. It’s easy to set up and it costs nothing which is just amazing as […]

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  7. Plain White vs Full Bleed Images

    I’ve recently added HotJar to the Back Pocket Notebooks site to see how people are using the site. I was interested in where people were dropping off, how they were getting from the home page to the product page and where they might be getting distracted. The more I looked into it the more I […]

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  8. User generated content in a multi platform publishing world

    I’ve just finished reading Snooks article User Generated Content in a Classy World, which is turn was a follow up to Chris Coyiers article Class up Content. Recently I’ve been trying to apply AMP templates to the Responsive Design Knowledge Hub and it’s been a learning curve. The thing I can not fix is the […]

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  9. How to manage future products in Shopify

    As you may be aware of I’ve started selling notebooks online. This started almost a year ago when I had the idea of putting together some notebooks that focused on the three tenets of responsive design… and from that was born the first set of 3 responsive design notebooks. I didn’t just want to create […]

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  10. Condescending Popups

    In the past year I’ve been noticing more and more condescending popups being used on websites. I think the pattern of an email popup halfway through an article is evil, regardless of how well they perform (loan sharks make good money, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing). Somehow website owners have taken the annoying […]

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