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In 2009 I wanted to improve my web design capabilities. I was recommended reading Mark Boulton’s book “Designing for the Web” and it was the best thing that could have happened.

Mark covers all aspects of design on the web and because of his background in print design you also get all the lessons learned from there as well. He doesn’t just focus on the design aspects either, Mark touches on the business and work/life balance side of things also.

The best part of the book for me was the focus on freelancing and working from home.

In particular this point…

Keep work and home separate. When you work at home, this can be difficult. When I had my workplace in my house, I made sure it was a completely different room which was furnished like an office–not just your spare room with a desk in it. One tip which worked for me: wear your shoes during the day, when you’re working, and at night, take them off. It’s a silly little thing, but you will soon associate shoes with work. So, when you take them off, that’s home time.

The book is now free following the announcement that Mark Boulton Design is being acquired by Monotype — huge congratulations to Mark and Emma!

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