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Exoplanet Diagram from XKCD

XKCD have come up with another awesome comic reviewing the planets that we have identified.

diagram of the detectable exoplanets

If you take a look at the planets in our solar system you’ll notice that we have two medium/smallish planets. That’s Jupiter and Saturn. They’re freaking massing.

To give you a better idea just how big they are take a look at the two pictures below. The first picture is of Jupiter with it’s famous red spot.

Jupiter with it's famous red spot

Now take a look at the comparison between Earth and the red spot. You could fit two Earths into that storm.

Pretty big huh.

Earth next to Jupiter's red spot

Look back at the diagram from XKCD and you can now appreciate just how much bigger these other detected planets are in comparrison to the yellow circles in our solar system that represent Jupiter and Saturn

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