Painting the picture of contractors

Today is a good day.

Looking out the window
of my train to Brighton I can see the sun is just peaking through the
clouds as we pass the Battersea Power Station on my way to an iOS
course run by Aral Baker.

A few minutes earlier I was
sat at Caffe Ritazza at the Victoria Station sipping my coffee
(scolding my tongue actually), reading through the rubbish that is the
Metro paper, when a few guys wearing paint splattered overalls sat down
on an adjoining table.

They were obviously painters,
or paint ballers, and I eve’s dropped into their

The “Hammer”, so named based on his
East London accent and obvious West Ham Tattoos, appeared to be
explaining who was going to be working at each of the locations for the

Apparently Mike was going to be working with the
Hammer in Pimlico.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!”
says “Jordy”, another painter standing with his extra special extension
handle he was cradling like a que that was owned by Steve

“Mike is supposed to be working with me at the
Canada Water job!” Jordy continued to explain.

some discussion around the details of both of the jobs the conversation
ended with Jordy saying “Screw them then (Canada Water), they still owe
me money for the first job and they can wait to have this finished

What had just

Well it’s the same thing that happens
every day with Contractors with too much work and not enough staff to

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