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Writing is hard.

It is especially hard when you have to do it consistantly.

The thing is that I love writing. I love telling stories. I love explaining things (whether it’s through written word or voiced, and whether or not you want to hear it).

When it comes to a blank page though it’s difficult to just get those words out there. What should I write? Will people find that interesting? Do I know enought about the subject to warrant wrting about it?

Questions, questions, and more questions.

Too many questions, and not enough writing.

Last night, while researching and piecing together my weekly newseltter for Responsive Design Weekly, I can across a podcast from the GDS team on writing. It’s a great set of guidelines that you can use to become a better writer and get started with more confidence (like never starting with a blank page).

That article, coupled with the fact that wait but why has started posting again has meant that I want to get back into this again.

The chances are that life will get in the way and this will only last one day, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take :D

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