Inaccurate Science Space Movies

I thought this was a pretty funny way of looking at movies in Space and the pure rubbish that goes along with it.

Surprisingly we’re missing a few well known space orientated movies including E.T and Star Trek, but at least they covered all of the Star Wars Movies.

Here’s a better look at the categories

  • There’s no sound in space
  • Not all planets have Earth gravity
  • Planets should have diverse climates, instead of one unified climate across a “desert planet” or “forest planet.”
  • It shouldn’t be too easy to communicate with alien creatures, without some kind of high-technology “translator” explanation.
  • And it definitely shouldn’t be too easy for humans to interbreed with aliens.
  • Humans exposed to vacuum without a spacesuit shouldn’t explode or shatter. And a “hull breach” where the ship’s crew is exposed to vacuum should kill everyone instantly.
  • You can’t have fires in space, unless there’s oxygen leaking out somehow.
  • Asteroids or other objects shouldn’t be able to float close together without falling into each other’s gravity
  • People shouldn’t be able to dodge lasers and other speed-of-light weapons
  • And there’s no reason why someone would move in slow-motion in zero gravity.
  • Faster-than-light travel is probably not ever going to be possible.

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