England dominate Australia in 5th Ashes Test 2011

fuck fuck FUCK!

That was just plain embarrassing. Australia’s batting attack can’t muster 180 runs between them, while a cross eyed metro columnist can rack that up on his own. Lucky he’s not from SA.

Which brings me to the busted tooth baldheaded beard wearing GIT Prior. I swear the sight of him irritates me as much as the site of Ponting to the England fans.

Then we come to the Australian bowlers. It’s not difficult, it’s called line and length. And when someone says line and length they don’t mean short and outside off or full and on leg. Not too fucking difficult.

This must be like supporting the English football team, you watch them in practice and they’re perfect, but put the Country colours on them and place a bit of pressure and they forget the get PAID to do the job.

Right, now on to the referral system.

I know full well this is being said because I’m a sore loser, and that Australia we’re probably dealt the same fortune during the test series (and if not probably will some time later), but tell me that the umpire now doesn’t have to check for no balls. Do they get a pay cut with this as well?

Alright alright, I can see the benefit of checking no balls, but what about Bells dismissal? Did anyone hear the commentary on that? I saw it on replay this morning with no sound and it looked as though he was given out by Dar, referred by Bell (which took him a while, if you know you’re not out you just say), and then they couldn’t see a hot spot on the bat, however the ball didn’t seem to brush past anything else except for the bat. I think if you can’t confirm that the noise was caused by something else then you need to go back to the umpires decision, regardless of which way that went. I think something similar happened against an Aussie batsmen which later showed on snick’o that there was an edge.

Ahhhhhh, rant done.

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