HTML5 Video Formats

If you’re not already aware, I’m moving this site across from
the www version to a html5 non-subdomained version.

part of the move I’m going to update all my video file formats so that
it can be enjoyed in all HTML5 wonder.

There are
hundreds, thousands, of resources on the internet for HTML5 Video
formats, however I really like DiveintoHTML5 so
that’s where I went.

Keep your eye on the visual
section of this site for the change, and check back here to see all the
issues I have during the process (like having to update my ffmpeg settings to encode
for webm
and download

Update 10/01/2011

I had a bit of trouble on Sunday night
getting the files uploaded onto the CMS and then being able to render
correctly on the front end.

The first issue was with
the Mime Types of the files.

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