Google Dinosaur Game

If you’re on the road a lot there is no doubt that you will have come across the little 8 bit dinosaur page in Google Chrome. You know, the one that comes up to tell you that you’re not longer able to access the internet because there’s a problems with the connection?

This is an example.

Some of you might not know but this is actually a game that can help you pass the time while you are out of service.

It’s a simple platform game which starts when you press the spacebar (or tap the dinosaur on mobile). Then you simply jump over the objects through the same mechanism… tap or space.

The further you go the faster it goes and the more objects are thrown into the fray.

Be sure not to expect too many high scores though because as soon as you’re within network coverage again the site you were trying to view will load and the game will be lost…. oh well it’s just a bit of fun anyway.

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