Finding inspiration for writing

Blogging is something that can be really hard. Sometimes the topics come thick and fast and we have too much to write about, but often we sit down in front of our site and stare at the last post from more than a month ago while we beat ourselves up about how we need to do better.

Late last Thursday evening I received a jabber message from a mate at work with the following questions, and below my responses.

Hey dude, how do you get inspiration for writing content?

a jabber question from Chris Burnell

A: Inspiration is a funny thing. I would say that 1 out of 30 things that I write are inspired, and the rest are just churning out the keys because I want to recap on something that I did. If you look through the list of stuff that I’ve written on the (ED – this site) they are mostly churned out. They’re usually stuff that I want to keep track of myself, so to that end you should always write for yourself and not others. Write about how you approached a particular problem and why you did it in that way, the tools that you used and the trouble that you had and how you overcame it.

Remember that a “blog” came from a weB LOG. The idea is that it’s an online journal of things that you do, so write about things that you want to go back and read and see how you did something and are able to compare against the present.

I’m having a hard time thinking of what I want to write about – I have plenty of ideas but they’re all covered elsewhere on the internet by more famous blogs in better detail and better writing, sooo. Regardless, I want to get started on something to hopefully have me ready when I do find somethign unique.

a jabber question from Chris Burnell

A:There is nothing unique. It’s all a rehash of something else. What is unique is your opinion or take on the subject, that is something that no one has ever or can ever write about.

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